Since inception in 2004, ASVSH Accountancy Services has helped thousands of individuals, business owners, property landlords, contractors and directors to minimise their tax bill. Our values of strong financial position and smart financial planning has helped hundreds of individuals and business alike to lawfully minimise their tax burden.

The company is led by a visionary in his own right, owner and director, Mr. Arvind Kohli. Arvind, has wealth of experience as an entrepreneur and thus is empathetic to the plights of the same. He strongly believes that a sound financial position is at the heart of businesses of any size and across all industry landscapes.

He is not only a Chartered Certified Accountant but also has a law degree (LLB (Hons)), Diploma in Finance (DIP FA), Certificate in Financial Advice (CeFA), Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice (CeMAP) and Certificate in Regulated General Insurance (CeRGI).

At ASVSH, we are proud of our portfolio of staff who can ensure that ASVSH is your one-stop-shop for all accounting and finance needs. We have a network of specially selected experts such as lawyers and financial advisers who can support your needs as and when required. You not only get the general accounting service but also receive tax planning advice and other valuable services.


  • Current Client

    From initial discussion to my company being set up and running, the team at ASVSH have been very informative, supportive and responsive; I must say that for a first timer I found the process was made straightforward and simple with the help of the whole team. The back-up support on an ongoing basis has never disappointed either, ASVSH have remained attentive and efficient throughout.

    Current Client
  • Pradip Malla, SSE at SPI Nepal

    I was new to contracting and had little idea about setting up a business, keeping the finances in order on an ongoing basis and avoiding any potential pitfalls. ASVSH, who came on recommendation, made the whole process easy. On an ongoing basis the invoicing, expenses handling and remittance advice has removed the chore of having to manage this myself, all communications in these areas have always been prompt and clear.

    Pradip Malla, SSE at SPI Nepal

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